Conveyancing search drain

A Conveyancing Search is the inquiry submitted to various authorities which provide you with more information about the property you plan to purchase. The authorities include Local Councils, the Environmental Agency, and Coal & Water Authorities. Searches provide crucial information which is essential in a Conveyancing transaction.

The particular searches you require will depend on the location of the property, and though most searches are optional, it is best practice to acquire them. You will need a Conveyancing Solicitor to carry out searches on your behalf.

Why do you need the services of a Conveyancing Solicitor in conducting a Conveyancing Search?

The service of a Conveyancing Solicitor is necessary to prove a good title to the property you intend to buy, to expose any encumbrance or risk in the purchase and to advise you on the best step to take

Types of Searches

Local Authority Search (Official or personal):   This is a Search which is sent to the Local Council. It reveals whether there are any charges or orders registered against your property by the Local Authority which will affect you after your Purchase. It also provides information regarding planning, consents granted and council maintenance of roads and services.

An official search is compiled by the local authority/council, and contains a wide range of detailed information.

A personal search is provided by a search company. It will contain most of the information in an official search, but it can be researched from the local authority records by anyone. This means the search company can charge a reduced fee for this service.

Water & Drainage Search: This Search is sent to the Local Water Authority and it will reveal whether the property is connected to the sewage system which could affect future development or building work.

Environmental Search: This is a commonly used search which will identify risks within 500 meters of the property, such as flooding, subsidence, landslides, landfill, waste sites and potentially contaminated sites.


Mining Search: We will conduct this search will if your property has been built in an area where there has previously been mining activity. It will reveal whether mining issues affect the property. For your own peace of mind we would always suggest that you ask the neighbours or the seller of the property if there has been any issue with subsidence.


Chancel Repair Search:  A Chancel Repair Search will show whether a property has a potential liability to contribute to the cost of repairs to the church. Unfortunately, there is no central database to identify properties with chancel repair liability and existing records are incomplete. In some cases, liability will be shown on the charges register at the Land Registry, but this is not always the case. The only definitive way of determining whether there is Chancel Repair liability is via this a search conducted by us.


Index Map Search: This Search is carried out where the land you are buying is not registered at the Land Registry. It will reveal whether anyone has ever registered the whole or part of the land.


Company Search: If you are buying from a Limited Company, this search will be carried out to ensure the Company has a good title to sell the property.


Bankruptcy Search: We would to carry out this Search against your names on behalf of the Bank/Building Society If you are buying with a Mortgage. This would reveal any Court proceedings pending against you which of course, would need to be pointed out to the lender

Land Registry Priority Search: This Search is carried out immediately prior to the completion of your purchase to ensure that there has been no mortgage or notices registered against the property you are buying.

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