These statements have to accompany all planning applications besides householder building works in unprotected areas and changes of use. Statements are used to justify a proposal’s design concept and the access to it. The level of detail depends on the scale of the project and its sensitivity. Most authorities will have guidance notes available to help you but, unfortunately, unless you ensure you have included one in your submission, planning authorities can refuse to register your planning application.

When will I hear back?

Your local planning authority (LPA) will first provide written receipt of your application. You should then receive a written approval or refusal within eight weeks of your application being made. If, however, your application is refused – with no prior warning given by your LPA – in excess of the eight week period, you have the right to make a non-determination appeal.

How long do I have to begin work?

Planning permission is typically granted for three years — meaning you must begin work in that time or face reapplying.

Can I alter my plans once Full permission has been granted?

You can make minor alterations by applying for a non-material amendment. However, major alterations could involve a further application for Full planning permission, so discuss your plans with your LPA first.

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