You are able to appeal against the Council’s valuation for your home if you are not happy with it. You will need to write to the Right to Buy section within the time period specified in your Section 125 offer notice requesting a District Valuer’s Appeal. (The time limits are strict , so make sure you comply with them)

The District Valuer will contact you and make an appointment to visit your home and then give an independent assessment.

It really can be worth it to request a district valuation if you think your home has been over valued by your Landlord. In more than a third of appeals (36%) the price of homes is cut by more than 10%, according to a study commissioned by Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

What if I do not agree with the District Valuer’s valuation?

If you receive your Revised District Valuer’s Section 128 Offer Price notice and do not agree with the valuation, you can request another District Valuer’s appeal. You must make this request in writing to the Right to Buy section within 28 days of receiving your District Valuer’s revised offer.

Your Landlord also has the right to disagree with the District Valuer’s appeal and can ask for a review of the District Valuer’s valuation.  The price the District Valuer puts on your home following this review will be the final price. This can stay the same or be higher or lower. This price is the final offer which you must accept or withdraw.

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