Buying a Live-work unit

A live-work unit is a space that combines your workspace with your living quarters. It is designed from the outset for dual residential and business use where one or more persons can carry out business. Typically, the business is on ground level and faces the street. The most traditional arrangement places the living quarters above the business, but living space may also be alongside the commercial space or behind it. Modern live-work units range from minimalist to luxurious, have advantages and disadvantages, and present challenges for some city regulators. .  A Live/work unit requires planning permission to prevent non-resident employees from its use.

Although it is not essential for the workspace to be attached to the Living quarters, there are advantages in this arrangement, such as saving you time and cost in getting to your business place, allowing working areas to expand into the dwelling without the need for planning permission and to contract back again. Expansion of living space into the workspace, or cessation of the work element, will only be permitted on a temporary basis controlled by condition. This will include situations where a business has failed and time is needed to sell the Live/work unit.

Live /work unit is one area where the rules are often vague and straight answers are hard to come by. We have expertise Solicitors who will guide you on the best location and principles of Live-Work Unit.

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