The difficult part about selling your property is usually the process of getting the house ready but in other to sell the house you have to create the perfect polished house that will attract buyers in purchasing you home.

It is understandable that during this pandemic that some jobs may not be possible whilst adhering to the guidelines however there are some jobs that can be accomplished.

Here are some tips to get your house viewing ready:


This would involve replacing paintwork that has been worn off, tightening up the cupboard doors if they were loose, cleaning out the rugs, curtains/blinds and sheets and re-grouting the bathrooms and kitchen etc. On the outside, you want to do things like mowing the garden and lawn, painting the fence, clearing out the gutters and jet-washing the drive and garage.


It is advisable that during this period that the viewing be done virtually through the help of your agents but if its not possible, not to worry there are is another way for buyers to view the house safely.

You will need to:

  • Prepare the house for minimal touching i.e leave all the interior doors, closets, cabinets open. Open all curtains and turn on the light where necessary.
  • Clean and disinfect the house before and after showing your homeowners
  • Limit the number that can enter your house at a time.
  • Have your agent pre-vet buyers before they can book a tour i.e you don’t want non-potential buyers coming into your house so ensure that your agent book only serious buyers,


Before any house is sold it needs an EPC in order for it to be marketed. You will need to bring in an Energy Assessor who will visit your property and ask some questions that will assist them in coming up with a detailed report. You may want to get documents regarding solar panels, boiler installations, loft/cavity insulation if it applies to your home.

Now that the above is out of the way, this is the best time to get the deeds to your house which is the reason why is it important to have your home registered in your name. You will need your gas/ electric service certificates, Leasehold/ground rent information, Warranties, Planning/ conservatory documentation, electrical and window installation if you had any work done when you moved in.


When moving homes, this will definitely affect your finances in some way and with the mortgage rates now will be the ideal time to look at what you can afford to borrow and whether you are on the best deal.

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