We help landlords, letting agents and managing agents on all areas of property management. We understand that rent arrears, service charge arrears and tenants who fail to comply with the terms of their tenancy agreements can be time consuming, costly and can destroy the value of your investment.

To help with the problems that arise we provide a fixed fee service for possession proceedings against tenants who won’t pay their rent or who are in breach of their lease, and also to evict squatters from your property.

An Overview of how we deal with Possession claims

In order to obtain possession a landlord can serve a s21 and/or a s8 notice, depending on the circumstances.

If the tenancy is an assured shorthold tenancy then the landlord does not have to prove any grounds in order to obtain possession. Therefore it can be almost guaranteed that the landlord will be successful in obtaining possession after the expiry of the fixed term, if the correct notice is served.

The stages involved are:

One – We will review the existing tenancy agreement and arrange for a notice to be served on the tenant. If the tenant does not vacate the property, the process moves to stage two.

Two – We will prepare papers to make a claim to the court for repossession, before making the claim and serving it on the tenant. If a hearing is necessary then a member of the team will attend. Following this a 14 day order for possession will usually be granted.

Three – If the tenant has still not vacated the premises, we will instruct the court bailiff to evict the landlord’s tenant on your behalf.

Fixed Fees

So that you know exactly how much money you will have to spend, depending upon what happens during the claim.

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