After the tenant has become a home owner through exercising his Right to Buy, he has the right to sell the property purchased by him but to exercise this right he  is subject to a number of conditions that will be better explained to you by a solicitor ( email us at  if you have any questions)

Two conditions are particularly important, and they are:-

  1. Council’s Right of “First Refusal”: In most cases if you decide to sell within ten years of your Right to Buy purchase, you must offer your property back to the authority before putting it on the open market. If the authority decides that it wishes to repurchase your property, it buys back at a price agreed between yourself and the authority and If they do not wish to exercise its right to buy the property back, you are free to sell it on the open market.
  2. Requirement to Repay Discount: If you decide to sell within five years of your Right to Buy purchase, you must pay back a percentage of the discount that you received. The amount to be repaid is calculated using a formula based on the price at which the property is resold.

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