Here are some important components every will should have:
Appointment of willing Executors or Trustee to carry out the instructions or wishes as stipulated in the written Will. The appointed
executor of the Will cannot be a named beneficiary in the written Will, otherwise it will become void. The testator may appoint any combination of:
(1) individuals who are not professionals (e.g., family or friends),
(2) solicitors or other professionals (as individuals or as a firm), and
(3) banks or other trust corporations. (Find out more about our executor service)
Custodian to ensure that the Will is kept in a safe place until demise.
There have been cases where the written Will documents could not be located upon demises due to lack of proper custodian. It is advisable to keep it in
custody with the trustee company and have trusted members in the family informed.
Appointment of Administrator of the estate to make the necessary legal applications and ensure that the distribution of assets is
carried out in accordance with the written Will and law.


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