• A will usually has to be in writing to be legally valid.

• A written will enables you to select who gets your assets rather than allowing the government to distribute it following “intestacy rules”

• A will allows you to decide who is best to serve as the executor of your estate, to distribute the property fairly to the beneficiaries while protecting
their interests, rather than allowing a court to appoint a stranger to serve as administrator.

• A will safeguards your right to select a guardian to raise your young children in the event of your death. This will usually help to avoid your children
going into care.

• For special circumstances, a person can include a Testamentary Trust for special instruction request; or leave message to a specific person.

• Having a written will minimizes legal formalities and expenses.

• Family disputes will be reduced and legal application for Grant of Probate can be approved by normal procedure of the court.

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