Whether single, married or a parent, Wills are a key element in Estate planning and, without one, you are unable to control what happens to your assets after death.
You may leave your dependants with numerous problems, including an unmanageable tax burden.
We can help you to make the correct provisions and ensure that your wishes are carried out:
• Draw up your Will, making provision for all the people important to you
• Ensure that your wishes are carried out and that you fully understand the draft
• Advise on Inheritance Tax to minimise your tax liabilities
• Advise on your assets to ensure wealth protection
• Arrange signing of your Will and retain it for safe-keeping
We can now register your Will with the first national Wills register, called Certainty (www.certainty.co.uk), which means that your loved ones will be able to find out which solicitor holds your Will, should they not know when the time comes to find it.

Advantages of Appointing a Solicitor Executor

What we will do
1. We will follow the instruction in your will to ensure that your wishes are carried out
2. Keep your will safe and ensure that the most recent version of your will is actioned
3. Charge reasonable fees so that your estate does not get swallowed up by costs
4. Act courteously & professionally, and take the stress of administration off your family and loved ones during the time of bereavement.

Advantages of a solicitor-executor

You may feel it advantageous to appoint a solicitor as your executor if:
1. You wish for your estate to be administered by the solicitor in question (the estate may be administered slightly more efficiently if the solicitor dealing with probate is also the executor);
2. You have no close relatives or friends who you wish to appoint as executor; and/or
3. You have close relatives who do not see eye-to-eye, and it may be advantageous for a third-party to administer the estate.
Please remember that you do not have to appoint a professional, but there are plenty of good reasons why you might want to.

Read more about making a will:

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