Confused Baby

We asked this question to new clientele and to repeat clientele that just don’t seem to get enough of us!! Surprisingly the answer wasn’t ‘Love at first sight.’ Few points, however, resonated through every single person.


Yes, experience matters simply because it reduces the risk of being ‘that case’ the solicitor learnt something new from. Property matters usually involve more than two parties. The more people involved, the more risk of delays, mishaps and of course, it is always a battle of conflicting agenda. A solicitor essentially paves the way for resolution keeping in mind the best interest of the client. An experienced solicitor has a better chance of catching problems in time or avoiding wasting time on irresolvable issues.

Familiarity and access
‘I want someone who replies to my email. Takes my call! Some who knows me!’
It is a fine line between professional courtesy and personal indifference and rather distressing if one crosses into the wrong side. Familiarity takes time to build unless of course, it is a case of ‘love at first sight’. Once established, it becomes truly indispensible. Trust, shared values and at times, a life long friendship emerge from it.

‘I just want to get from A to B. Cheapest path will do just fine!’
‘If it’s cheap, they probably don’t know what they are doing.’
This is a tricky factor. Some like it cheap, some like it expensive!
What people don’t realize is that cost is a measure of resources offered by the solicitor. It factors in time available, expertise, location and the infrastructure & people necessary to provide a defined standard of service. Obviously this varies from firm to firm.

So how does one go about choosing the right one?
Experience and knowledge is critical in matters of the Law. However personalized service always outweighs indifferent professional service. When things go off path, the right people often give one the courage to push ahead.

The conveyancing process is the same but the people and therefore the service is not. Ask the questions!!

“I am a First time buyer. Do you have the time to help me understand process step by step?”
“Will you also keep my broker and my estate agent in the loop? I understand they can help speed things up.’
“I hate my previous solicitor for these reasons. Can you offer me something better to match my expectations?”
“I spoke to 3 other firms. Why should I choose you?”
“You are £200 more expensive. What do you offer in return?”
“Would you take the initiative to resolve a delay?

And when you find the right fit stick to it. Money matters. Commitment must too.

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