When do I need planning permission?

Anything that involves the creation of a new house, either by building from scratch or a subdivision, needs planning permission. Adding extensions or outbuildings requires planning permission depending on the size of the project and the level of Permitted Development (PD) rights afforded to or still remaining on a property.

5 things you need to know about planning permission

  • Planning application can be made on any piece of land in the country — you don’t have to own it.

  • Your planning decision should take no longer than eight weeks from the point of application.

  • The objections of neighbours and local people may well not have any impact on the final decision.

  • You can withdraw an application at any time — so if you think you are going to get a refusal, you can withdraw it at any time up to the day itself, and resubmit free of charge.

  • You can submit an infinite number of planning applications on any one site — and choose which one to use. As long as it is current, you don’t have to use the most recent.

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