Remortgage Solicitors – Fast Remortgage Completions by Qualified Solicitors

Ola Leslie Solicitors London provide an efficient, fast, diligent and competitively fixed priced remortgage conveyancing service.
We are highly experienced, friendly, professional and proactive, and understand the need for your requirements in having to complete your remortgage as quickly as possible.

Completion in 3 days from Offer!

We have procedures in place whereby completion can take place within three days, yes that’s three days once your mortgage has offered. We send frequent updates to clients and mortgage brokers / financial advisors via e-mail, sms, phone and/or by post so that your matter is kept well organised.
We do not allow unqualified conveyancers to deal with such matters which is why we can assure you of our speedy service. When you have a fully qualified solicitor working on your matter decisions can be made on the spot, mortgage lenders can have their certificates of title signed and faxed immediately (this is the request to the lender to release the mortgage advance) and you can be assured that your matter is being handled by someone who has a vast knowledge of property law.
Most mortgage lenders advise that they require 5 to 7 days’ notice to release a mortgage advance which most firms adhere to. As we deal with most high street lenders frequently we have a good relationship with their completion teams and can obtain funds by providing them with short notice.

Instant Decisions, Fast Completions

As we are fully up to date with technology we keep in full contact with you throughout to ensure that we work together so that the above timescale or any timescale of your choice can be met. Most of our communication in relation to re-mortgages due to the urgency of most is via e-mail. If you would like everything to be sent to you via Royal Mail it is no problem, letters are sent out on the same day that they are written. We don’t use dictation systems with secretaries who type our letters as this delays post leaving on time; our solicitors are fully capable of typing letters themselves.
We also have direct lines so that when you call us you don’t have to wait to be transferred. We also do not adopt the “Team A, Team B, Team C” etc scenario on handling client matters as it is impersonal and can be extremely frustrating to all parties involved as sometimes you can never end up speaking to the same person twice.

“…thank you for the hard work you have delivered towards me remortgaging my home. Your support and advice has been very valuable and has been greatly appreciated” – Victoria Morris, Liverpool

We also deal with simultaneous transfers of equity and remortgages, transfers of equity (adding or removing someone off or onto the title deeds) without having to refinance, bridging loans, equity releases and we can redeem secured loans on your behalf and have the charges discharged at HM Land Registry if your lender insists on a solicitor doing this for you.
If you would like a fixed fee remortgage conveyancing quote, please click the “Request a quote button” to send us your details via our web form. You can also call us on 0207 183 0084 or e-mail us directly on advising us of your requirements, the value of your property, the value of your mortgage advance, if your property is freehold or leasehold, and who your new lender will be.