High Value or Complex Conveyancing

Our experience in this area led us to create a specialised team with experience of looking after High Net Worth Individuals and complex conveyancing cases where deadlines and targets are crucial and where a great degree of personal attention is required.

“Ola Leslie are unusually good solicitors because they really get to know and REALLY care about the work they are employed to do for you. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a legal representative who ‘gets on with the job’, is creative and wants to feel looked after” Bill Latham

High Net worth

We assist clients who are buying higher value properties; our experience includes high end property sale and purchases, plots of land, refinancing and remortgages, and portfolio transactions.

Bridging Loans

When you need a bridging loan literally every day costs and you want a solicitor who is used to dealing with them, who works quickly and who helps you navigate through the system as efficiently as possible.

Contract Races

This is where the vendor / seller offers the property to more than one purchaser usually on the basis that the first one who is ready to exchange contracts gets the property. We will dedicate our resources to ensuring that you close the deal. It is absolutely paramount to keep on top of these types of transactions as the slightest bit of ignorance on the part of a solicitor can cost you your dream property and/or a very good investment.

Auction Property

At property auction contracts are exchanged immediately upon the acceptance of the highest bid. Whilst auctions are a quick and effective way of buying and selling property, they can also be very risky. It is crucial to have arranged the necessary finance to pay the deposit and the remainder of the purchase price, and also to have a legal review before you buy. You should not buy at an auction without receiving assistance from a conveyancing / property specialist.

Planning issues & Land Development

We have a planning expert with Local Authority experience who can guide you when you are buying a property with a view to changing its use or to developing it, or selling it on the condition that you apply for planning permission.

Drafting, advising on and registering Option Agreements

An Option is usually exercised when an optionor wants to tie down a seller of land while he/she obtains planning permission. As long as the satisfaction of the condition is in the hands of the buyer, the seller does not need to worry about the buyer withdrawing from the sale. If that buyer obtains the planning permission he will then be in a position to complete.

Conditional Contracts

A conditional contract protects a seller by preventing the buyer from avoiding the contract if the expected condition is satisfied or vice versa. For instance exchange of contracts urgently needs to take place and there is a missing piece of information. A conditional contract will come into play to only complete on the basis of that missing piece of information being received between exchange and completion.

Lease Options

Lease options are now commonly being utilised in residential and commercial property transactions and not all solicitors deal with them. We however have the knowledge and expertise to deal with these on your behalf and negotiate the terms to protect your interests. When letting a property a property owner / landlord may issue the tenancy on the basis that at the end of the term, the tenant has the option to purchase the property.

Lock Out Agreements

For added security on a transaction, either party may request that a Lock Out Agreement is entered into with both parties paying a deposit into their respective solicitors’ client accounts. The Lock Out Agreement would set down an exchange of contracts deadline and sometimes a completion deadline. If either party cannot comply with the terms of the Lock Out Agreement they would forfeit their deposit. In order to ensure that you are protected in such a situation you will need a solicitor who has extensive experience in drafting and amending these types of agreements. We draft these documents at a low fixed fee if we are already dealing with your conveyancing transaction.