The necessity of hiring the services of an attorney for this purpose is usually contingent on having a full understanding of all benefits accruing to you and understanding whether or not the settlement being offered is worth it to you and is sufficient enough to forgo any claims you might have.

More significantly, settlement agreement, which has been established as one in which rights are waived to bring an employment claim cannot be legally backed if such agreement isn’t ratified or signed off by a solicitor, legal adviser or certified trade union.

The engaged solicitor is also tasked to ensure that employee really does know the rights that are being waived. On the other hand, the employer would also need to be sure that the employee has been aptly advised because otherwise it doesn’t prevent the employee from pursuing a claim at a later date

It is imperative to note that the employer pays the legal fess involved for the advice given to the employee with regards to the settlement agreement. Such amount usually range between £350 to £500.

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