As a response to the Covid-19 global pandemic, the British Government introduced some new planning regulations towards the end of June which included new permitted development rights. This comes in form of an amendment to the Town and County Planning Act 1990. This new provisions come in a bid to amend and modify some outdated and excessive planning permission laws

One in particular which is of huge interest to homeowners involves the creating of new dwellling houses on detached blocks of flats. With the new provisions, families and homeowners can now add two storeys to their home without getting full planning permission. The major advantage and incentive that this new provision brings is that homeowners of detached properties will be able to extend their living environment without the high costs if having to move to a new property to accommodate extra space.

Such procedures would only involve a smooth process of application and an automatic planning permission. Generally, planning permission could take up to Sixteen weeks to get a decision, but the new provisions makes it possible for decisions to be given within eight weeks. These new rules are scheduled to take effect by September

It is important to note that the new provision is however not available to mixed-use properties.