We make the process of buying and selling property in the West End as straightforward, speedy and secure as possible. Our extensive experience of Conveyancing enables us to foresee and prevent many problems before they arise, reducing the risk of future problems.

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We can help related questions such as property planning, letting and other family arrangements, whenever they arise.

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The Conveyancing Protocol has been produced by the solicitors’ governing body, The Law Society, for use in domestic conveyancing transactions of freehold and leasehold property. It sets out procedures to be adopted by all solicitors who use it. It is not compulsory, but we believe that it provides the best way of achieving a satisfactory transfer of ownership.
We use the Conveyancing Protocol and ensure that we provide the buyer’s solicitor with as much information about the property as possible at the outset of the transaction. This is intended to narrow the time gap between the agreement of the sale and actual exchange of contracts.

The Conveyancing Protocol concentrates in the main on the dealings between the two firms of solicitors involved, and not with third parties such as lenders.
The Conveyancing Protocol prescribes standard forms of contract and Enquiries for both freehold and leasehold property. Both the seller and the seller’s solicitor complete the Property Information Forms. There are other standard forms for use after exchange of contracts.

The Protocol is designed to help streamline and speed up the conveyancing process. Where possible and appropriate, it encourages solicitors to anticipate the next steps in the conveyancing procedure. Where the period between exchange of contracts and completion is very short, the delivery of documents normally submitted after exchange of contracts can be affected early, thus reducing potential delays.

Click here for our guide on the steps involved in a Conveyancing transaction.

Our experience has shown that it is helpful to draw attention at the beginning of the transaction to the areas of Finance, Surveys & Searches and Insurance.

Property Conveyancing

Most Banks and Building Societies involved in the mortgage market are not truly independent but are linked or tied to Insurance Companies. It is important to point this out to you at this stage so you can think about taking independent financial advice that will take account of all your personal circumstances.
If you require finance: we would be pleased to refer you to an independent source that can provide a quotation suitable to your individual needs. Please bear in mind that mortgages are a carefully packaged commercial product and it is our experience that many offers that appear generous often have detailed conditions or penalties.
Deposit – On exchange of contracts it is usual for a buyer to pay the seller’s solicitors 10% of the purchase price (less any preliminary deposit paid to Estate Agents).
The balance of the purchase monies is paid on the completion date. If a cash deposit is not available please let us know as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about the Conveyancing process, please call us on 0207 183 0084