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FACT: Alarmingly there are over 28 millions of people in the UK who do not have a Will and even worse, do not think that they need a Will!

What is a Will?

A Will is a specifically formatted legal declaration by which you choose you will get your money, property and other assets in the event of your death.

If you do not make a Will, the law effectively decides for you according to the intestate rules and NOT YOUR WISHES!

A properly drafted Will would not only ensure your wishes are carried out but can also help save your loved ones and other persons you wish to pass your estate to from hefty inheritance Tax bill.
Benefits of Making A Will
There are numerous other benefits to having a Will:

– Married Couples
– Unmarried Couples
– Divorce
– Future care of your children or other dependants in need of care
– Making your legacy a gift to your chosen charities

Making your Will yourself is not always a good idea particularly if you do not know the law relating to Wills. For example:
– the gifts to your chosen friends, family or charities could be significantly reduced if you have assets outside the UK or domiciled outside the UK which will make your estate subject to double taxation!

– your Will could be challenged and cost your loved ones financially if you do not receive proper advice in the persons who potentially can make a claim against your estate under the law.
– your estate may not benefit from the “Business Property Relief” if you are a business owner or shareholder

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