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A lot of mortgage lenders changed the structure of their panels of solicitors last year so that only firms who are Conveyancing Quality Accredited may act for them on residential conveyancing transactions.

Ola Leslie Solicitors have been CQS accredited since February 2012 which was shortly after the scheme was launched. We have always been a member of the Barclays panel so when they changed their criteria we were not affected. Unfortunately they were a very large number of firms in England and Wales who have been removed from the panel as a result of this new criteria.


The reason for lenders’ changes in criteria is to allow them to risk manage more effectively and have firms who they have close dealings with on their panel so that high standards of diligence are maintained.


If you need a solicitor to act for you who is Conveyancing Quality Accredited and on the Northern Rock panel, please call us on 0207 183 0084 or email us on property@olaleslie.com for a fixed fee conveyancing quotation and to ask us about any reservations or queries that you may have; we are always happy to assist.


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