What is a Statutory Declaration?

Statutory Declarations are required when one has to affirm the truth (under oath) about a particular matter.

These types of declarations must be made in the presence of a solicitor, a Commissioner for Oaths or a Notary Public, who will sign and stamp the document.

Statutory declarations can be required in a number of circumstances, for instance:

  • Declaring nationality (often required on immigration matters)
  • When one changes their name (the former name is relinquished and the new name is adopted)
  • Declaring solvency (this is often necessary if a property is being sold at an undervalue or being transferred at a nil consideration, or the directors of a company may have to declare that they are solvent if they are going into liquidation)
  • Oaths have to be sworn on probate matters by the executors of a will before an application for a Grant of Probate is sent off to the Probate Registry


Some witness statements in litigation or bankruptcy matters have to be made by way of affidavit. Where a witness statement would just be signed by the person making a testimony, an affidavit has to be sworn in front of a solicitor.

Oaths given at court when giving evidence are generally verbal and can be affirmed or sworn on a religious book.

If you already have a solicitor acting for you who drafts a Statutory Declaration for you, they will ask you to have it sworn in front of an independent solicitor otherwise it is rendered invalid on the grounds of it being impartial.

How much does it cost to have a Statutory Declaration sworn?

Ola Leslie Solicitors London Bridge can verify your sworn Statutory Declaration for you and any exhibits accompanying an affidavit. We can confirm the details of the fees over the telephone (or via e-mail).

What happens if I make a false declaration?

If you knowingly make a false statement in your statutory declaration, as with oaths and affidavits, it could result in a prison sentence.

Same Day Appointments!

Examples of the document witnessing which we can assist with include the following:

Mortgage deeds
Transfer deeds
Separation agreements
Pre-nuptial agreements
Shareholders agreements
Statutory declarations / affidavits
PE2, PE3
Tenancy Deposit declarations
New business lease declarations
Declarations of Solvency for liquidation or gifted deposits
Change of name deeds (deed poll)
Director nominee deeds
Powers of Attorney
Temporary resident statements

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Ayesha Yunus, Partner
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