The law accepts that some estates can be very small and that it is perhaps unfair and unnecessary for a full Grant of Probate to be obtained. A small estate is normally one that consists of approximately £5,000 or less in cash which may be at a bank or building society. There will be no land or other property owned nor any stocks or shares. When dealing with a small estate, recourse may have to be made to the bank or building society of the deceased and a form closing the account will be filled.

Most states now offer shortcuts through probate — or a way around it completely — for “small estates.”   There are two basic kinds of probate shortcuts for small estates:

  1. Claiming property with affidavit:    This is by preparing a signed document under oath stating that you are entitled to a certain item of property under a will or state law. Upon receipt of the affidavit and death certificate, the holder of the money or property will release it.
  2. Simplified Court procedures: As defined by state law, a quicker, simpler version of probate will be applied. The probate court will exert far less control over the settling of the estate.Please call us on 0207 183 0084 or email us on for a fixed fee conveyancing quotation and to ask us about any reservations or queries that you may have; we are always happy to assist.