What is a Settlement Agreement? (also referred to as a Compromise Agreement)

A Settlement Agreement is often entered into when an employee’s current position within a company has been terminated. The termination can be due to redundancy, unfair or wrongful dismissal, or a mutual agreement between an employee and employer to leave a position otherwise than in accordance with the terms of a Contract of Employment.

It is usual that an employer will cover your legal costs of a Settlement Agreement and as such they will advise you as to the level of costs that they are willing to pay or contribute. Sometimes they will pay your solicitor directly and at other times they will ask you to pay the fees and then they will reimburse you.

Ola Leslie Solicitors are able to assist you with understanding the contents of a Settlement Agreement, ensure that it relates to your circumstances and as per your agreement with your employer. In accordance with the procedure, we will sign your Certificate of Legal Advice (the Adviser’s Certificate) once you have received your advice and signed the Agreement.

We understand the unfortunate circumstances that often arise out of the loss of a job and we are able to assist with Settlement Agreements in a swift and professional manner.

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Ayesha Leslie, Partner
Ola Leslie Solicitors

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