Buying or  Selling a business

Buying or selling a business can be a complicated and difficult transition for all. We have specialist lawyers who can help you in making the right decisions. Business sales can be business to business or to the general consumer. Business to business sales involves selling products or services to businesses rather than individual consumers.

In selling a business, you need to consider the organization’s commercial objectives and how they can best be met. You could be selling business services, financial support, IT and communications equipment, software, systems or even electricity. As such, the types of organization you could be working for are similarly varied, from mobile phone companies to banks.

If you would like to sell your business and retain the freehold, we can help by creating a new lease. If you are looking to purchase a leasehold business, we can advise you on what the lease you are signing means for you, review key documents such as Leases, Employment Contracts, share and assets sales/ purchases including associated issues such as property and employment law.

No matter what kind of business you are looking to buy or sell we can help, from smaller businesses to larger enterprises, we can also advise across a range of business types and assist in negotiating sales with diplomacy, tact and confidence. When considering a business purchase, our approach is to unravel the legal complexities involved and take the combined burdens of investigation and paperwork off your hands, simplifying the process for you. You’ll be responsible for researching and identifying sales opportunities, generating leads and maintaining relationships with existing clients. You will need to discuss and match the needs of your business customers, attend face-to-face meetings and deliver polished presentations that outline the benefits of your product or service.

Our aim is to provide business owners with constructive, practical and cost effective advice.”

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