A Secure Tenant is any individual, whose use of the premises is for residential purpose only and whose landlord is a public body such as local authorities. They are mostly tenants in social housing and Housing Association tenants. Only secure tenants benefit from the Right to Buy Scheme

By law a secure tenants have the right to stay in a property provided they keep to the tenancy conditions and they cannot be evicted unless a court grants an ‘order of possession’. Here are some of the rights enjoyed by a Secured tenant:
1. It is part of your right to be consulted about any changes to your tenancy agreement before it is made.

2. Your husband, wife, civil partner or another close relative may be able to take over your tenancy if you die.

3. You have the right to let part of your home (but not your entire home) to someone else if you ask for permission.

4. You have the right to swap homes with another tenant of a housing authority.

5. You have the right to repair and improve your home.

6. You have the right to assign your tenancy

7. You have the right to take in lodgers.

8. You have the right to buy your home at a discounted price.

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