Do you need a solicitor to witness your signature?

Some firms of solicitors whose offices are not local to clients ask that they have their signatures witnessed on documents by another solicitor who is local to their client. This is often to provide them with the assurance that the document has been executed correctly and there are no chances of any fraud being committed.

Ola Leslie Solicitors offer witnessing services at competitive rates; the fees being dependant on the complexity of the requirement. Our certifications as solicitors are recognised within England and Wales.

Same day appointments are always offered and usually only take a few minutes.

Examples of the document witnessing which we can assist with include the following:

Mortgage deeds
Loan Facility Agreements
Transfer deeds
Separation agreements
Pre-nuptial agreements
Shareholders agreements
Statutory declarations / affidavits
PE2, PE3
Tenancy Deposit declarations
New business lease declarations
Declarations of Solvency for liquidation or gifted deposits
Statutory Declarations for Gender Recognition Certificates
Gender Recognition Declarations
Statutory Declaration Form MPF(s) – W(SD2)
Statutory Declaration for Claims for Payment of MPF Accrued Benefits on Grounds of Permanent Departure from Hong Kong
Probate Oaths
Beneficiary Statutory Declarations for banks
Change of name deeds (deed poll)
Director nominee deeds
Powers of Attorney
Temporary resident statements
Passport applications including Irish passport applications (as long as we don’t have to certify that we have known you personally for a certain period of time if we have not)
True likeness certifications on passport sized photographs
True likeness certifications on visa sized photographs
Visa sponsorship applications where certifications are required
Private Individual Client Authority for an Electronic Transaction (for transactions in New Zealand)
ID Certification for New Zealand

Anything which the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) need a solicitor’s signature on so that they can legalise a document.  The FCO has Ayesha Yunus on record as an approved solicitor who can certify or witness documents.

Please call us on 0207 183 0084 or email us on for a quotation and appointment; we are always happy to assist.

Ayesha Yunus, Senior Partner
Ola Leslie Solicitors LLP

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