Full planning permission

Where your proposed development involves completing non-householder works, you may need to apply for full planning permission. Where your proposed development involves carrying out work on a listed building, a property located in a conservation area or putting up an advertisement or sign, you should establish whether a combined application with listed building consent, conservation area consent or advertisement consent is necessary. Before making an application of this type, you should contact us to ensure that permission is required for your proposed development.

By submitting a Full Application, you are seeking complete approval for the design of your proposal (including the amount, scale, layout and appearance of the development, as well as any landscaping) and the proposed access arrangements.

Outline planning permission

Outline planning permission grants, in principle, the construction of a dwelling, subject to certain design conditions based on size and shape. The design information required with an Outline application however has to be so detailed that many developers decide a Full application is the best way to proceed. If, however, your plot comes with Outline permission you will need to examine the approval document, which will give you a good idea of the type of house you could end up building.

In submitting an Outline Application it is possible to limit the matters for which approval is sought. For example, it is possible to submit an Application where all matters are reserved, or to submit details of selected matters only (e.g. access and layout). In such cases the local authority is only able to consider those specific matters identified on the Application Form in making its decision.

The submission of an Outline Application is sometimes preferable if you wish to obtain Permission for valuation purposes only (i.e. if you do not wish to build the development yourself), where the proposal is for major development, or where it is not prudent to submit a Full Application due to financial constraints. For Outline consent, the submission of Reserved Matters must be made within three years of the date on which Outline Permission was granted and, following the approval of those Reserved Matters, the development must be commenced before the expiration of two years. In all cases, developers should ensure that they have discharged all core-commencement conditions before undertaking any works.

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